Aliexpress BGA-CNC-Factory Store 사기꾼 판매자입니다. 절대 구매하지마세요~

 I use aliexpress often, but I’ve never seen such a bad seller.

Please do not buy anything from this seller. Never buy it.

Store Name: BGA-CNC-Factory Store

Store address:

Seller Information:

사건의 시작

알리익스프레스에서 이 판매자에게서 BGA REWORK 장비를 구매하였습니다.

After placing an order and waiting, a message from the seller arrives a few hours later.

Here is the summary of the message.

They pay an additional $105 for shipping, and they tell you to get it by DHL.

So I didn’t have money, so I asked to cancel it unless I just sent it back.

Then the seller tells me to send $60 because he will pay a little.

I can’t!! I just asked to cancel the order

If you cancel your order, it will take more than 15 days to get a refund, and you will be charged a $25 order cancellation fee.

They don’t cancel orders while making a ridiculous sound that they need to deposit money to their account.

In the meantime, if you want to cancel the order with a message while changing the product in the order cancellation stage to the shipping stage, you are asked to deposit $25, and that you will process it through the Ali Express customer center.

I said that I would capture the conversation and report it to Ali Express, but there was no reply after that.

And, we do not cancel the order, but continue to move the requested product to the shipping stage.

This fraudulent seller seems to have to disclose it and prevent it from selling, so it is disclosed on the blog like this.

We also publish articles we have had conversations with the seller.

Everyone, please avoid this seller and place an order from Ali Express.

It is a seller of repair supplies such as BGA equipment, irons, and lead.

I am posting this article in the hope that such garbage sellers will disappear.